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Wholesale Products

Our home, our inspiration, a land shaped by the ocean and its history, New Brunswick. We are connected to its splendor, the tapestry of its landscape and the energy of the ocean that surrounds it. Legacy Lane's wholesale products are inspired through the unique energy of this dynamic. Our craft, the colors and patterns, textures and fibers, symbolize how our environment influences us, by creating a feel of togetherness, a respect for tradition and a connection to the handmade. With the intent to celebrate our own unique personalities, we wish to invoke feelings of playfulness, individuality and joy with our textiles. Each piece speaking the language of many human stories. Objects made for people by people. Over the last several years we have been working to develop a range wholesale products. The goal is to provide quality hand crafted products to our customers, whether you are looking to add knitwear to your farm store, to introduce a line of handwoven scarves, shawls and blankets to your existing boutique or looking to purchase unique products for corporate gifting, we're here to help.

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