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Wholesale Knitting

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Woman in forest with long brown hair wearing a dark grey poncho over a white sweater.


Honeycomb Head​
One-of-a-Kind Cowl​
Cozy Up Cowl (Lrg)​
Hardwood Hills Cowl
​All Season  Poncho (1 or 2 Pt)​
Summer Nights Poncho (2 Pt)​
Bay of Fundy Brim Hat​
Coastal Tide Hat​
Beachcomber Beanie​

Vegan Fur Pom​

Traveler Headband

Northumberland Beanie

Oak Bay Brim Hat

Hopewell Headband

Maplegrove Beanie

Maplegrive Headband

Hugs & Kisses (Baby) Hat

Canadian Classic Hat

Fingerless Gloves

Adventurer (Toddler) Hat

 Add a Vegan Fur Pom for an additional $4 per hat.
​* Except for the One-of-a-Kind Cowl, products are available in natural colours, with the exception of black alpaca.​*Minimum wholesale knitwear order of combined items = 10 items or $250
​*Payment is required prior to products being shipped out.   

Daytripper Beanie & Hardwood Hills Cowl

 All Seasons Poncho ( One & Two Pointed )

Coastal Tide Hat 

Bay of Fundy Brim Hat

Honeycomb Headband

Bay of Fundy Brim Hat & One-of-a-Kind Cowl

One-Of-A-Kind Cowl

Beachcomber Beanie

Traveler & Hopewell Headband

 Bandana Cowl

Hugs & Kisses Hat

Oak Bay Brim Hat & Fingerless Gloves

Maplegrove Beanie & Cozy Up Cowl

Northumberland Beanie

Lil' Highlander Hat & OOAK Cowl

Maplegrove Headband

If you are interested in placing a wholesale knitwear order with us please email or call 506-433-5604 for more information.

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