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Piles of folded beige coloured felt.


Sheets of felt can be made from processed fiber that has been carded into batt form. In this case, the batt is layered onto the felting table and soaked with hot soapy water. The top plate of the felting table is closed and agitation begins. This makes a sheet of felt which measures 3' X 4'. 

Brown felted insoles.

Insole Cutting

Sheets of felt can be cut into insoles with our insole press. From one 2' x 4' sheet of felt, requiring 2 lbs of clean fiber, we can produce an average of 6 pairs of large insoles or 7 pairs of small insoles at a cost of $4.75 a pair. Please see our Insoles page for more details.

Woman running a weaving machine.


In 2013, Legacy Lane purchased a large AVL loom so that we can offer handweaving services to our clients. This allows us to take your yarn and turn it into beautiful handwoven products such as rugs, shawls, blankets and throws. Your slightly rougher, shorter fiber seconds can be used for weaving beautiful rugs. Please see our Weaving Services page for more details.


Legacy Lane has developed many services over the last several years to our processing clients.  After having your fiber transformed into yarn, you can have in valued added into knit items to enhance your product line. Please visit our Knitting Services page for a list of items you can have knit from your very own yarns.

Knitted beanie style hats.
Pink and purple dyed fiber.


Along with our value added services of weaving and knitting, Legacy Lane offers the service of fiber or yarn dye to customize your product line even more. Please visit our Fiber & Yarn Dyeing Services page for more details on having your farms harvest dyed.  There you will a list of colors and techniques that we offer..

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