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Fiber & Yarn Dyeing

Since opening the mill back in September 2006, we have dreamed of being able to offer fiber and yarn dyeing services to our fleece production. The use of colour to add variety to their inventory is a service we feel is extremely valuable and offers clients access to a unique opportunity. Diversifying between farms by offering natural colour yarns as well as vibrantly dyed fibers ensures that fiber producers are able to offer their customers various products!

Fiber Dyeing

Solid $12.50/lbs

Yarn Dyeing

Painted/Multi $14.50/lb

Colour Options

All fibers to be dyed must first be washed here at LLFM.

Each colour run must be a minimum of 4 lbs of skirted fiber. 

If blending fibers are required those will be dyed along with the producer's fiber to ensure a vibrant depth of colour, the weight of the blending fibers will be added to the cost of fiber dyeing.

White fiber provides the optimal blank slate for dyeing.

Light and medium fawn are possible but will require more dye, resulting in additional costs and a variation from the original colour chosen.

Dye lots can vary from run to run and we can not guarantee exact duplication.

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