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Wholesale Felted Rugs

Unique & Modern, Playful & Sylish. 

Inspired from the classic braided rug, Legacy Lane's felted rugs offer a trendy option while honoring a timeless design.  Each rug is created individually providing a one of a kind feel.  The yarn used to create the rugs is made by Legacy Lane, each ball is produced artistically with no color sequence repeated.  The combination of merino and alpaca fiber offers the feeling of luxury and softness.  By puzzle piecing rugs together you can combine additional rugs to create different designs that allow your rug to change with the placement of furniture or the updating of your décor.  A truly interactive and playful product!!

Each rug covers an area of approximately 2' x 3'.  

The shape and number of circles within the rugs vary due to the individual characteristics of the pieces.  

The ability to cover more area is as easy as acquiring more rugs.
We are happy to produce custom color combinations and encourage anyone interested to contact us directly at, to assist in the design of your own special rug or to request our wholesale price list.

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