About us

The owner-operators of Legacy Lane are two sisters backed by four generations of farming experience in rural New Brunswick. Production Manager, Alyson, studied weaving and textiles at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Business Manager, Amy, studied business at the New Brunswick Community College. Together they have found a way to keep their family farm viable by diversifying into yarn production and fiber processing; a natural fit for their training, passion and expertise.

Co-Owner, Operator and Production Manager, Alyson Brown, grew up in the tiny community of Markhamville, New Brunswick. Here she chased fairies, roamed the landscape, and created adventure under the tutelage of her big sis, Amy. Alyson is one of Legacy Lane's key weavers, knitters, makers, and organizers. Alyson is happily married to metal sculptor and welder Jamie Brown, who has created the most fabulous chicken tractor for their brood of heritage breed hens. In her spare time she keeps her fingers busy with knitting needles and her pretty blue guitar. She is often spotted cheering for her three kids in hockey rinks all over New Brunswick while clad in the loveliest handmade items.

Amy Carpenter Tonning is Legacy Lane's Co-Owner, Operator, Businesss Manager and self professed "Queen Boss Lady'. She spends her days keeping the whole Legacy Lane team on the straight and narrow and reminding us that although she spends most of her time in the office,  she is in fact the brains behind our famous Kitchen Sink Lopi. Like her sister Alyson, Amy grew up in Markhamville and has vivid memories of helping out on her grandfather's cattle farm, learning about the land and the intimate connection between human and animal. These days Amy, her husband James, and their daughter Abigail have aspirations of fostering the ultimate funny farm. They have begun their collection with their current brood of dogs, cats, alpaca, laying hens, ducks and a rescued quail named Olive. In her spare time Amy can be found gardening, drinking wine, and playing outside.

Joanne Scott is Alyson and Amy's mom. She keeps all of our numbers in order and is the 'mother hen' here at Legacy Lane. Joanne grew up in Markhamville and now lives on the same land that her grandfather once farmed. Joanne has been happily married for 40 years to our on-call Mr.Fix-It-Mechanical-Advisor, Paul. In her spare time Joanne enjoys sewing, reading, gardening and cross-country skiing. Joanne and Paul also have a passion for their motorcycle and can be spotted with the wind at their backs travelling the Canadian and American North East.

Lori Goddard has been with Legacy Lane for 6 years. Her bosses describe her as a speed-walking human calculator. She is always one of the first people to arrive in the morning and keeps amazing track of inventory and the long list of tasks that need to be accomplished daily. Lori is our Mill Manager and can be found organizing orders, felting, and being a jack- of-all-trades, working on any machine that needs her attention and love. She has 3 grandchildern, a little girl named Chloe and a set of twin girls, Jade and Amber, she loves being a Grammy. In her spare time she enjoys baking, bingo and Facebook. 

One of nine children, Kim Gray grew up in Sussex. She has three children of her own and one grandchild named Cooper. Kim is absolutely terrified of mice and enjoys the protection and security that both Ms.Kitty and Cookie afford. Each morning Kim arrives at work before the office staff and puts on a fresh pot of coffee, something that is very much appreciated. In the mill, Kim can be found at the dehairer, picker or skirter helping to ensure the high quality that our processing clients have come to expect from us.  In her spare time Kim likes to read, play bingo and hide from mice.

Sarah Tompkins Westside represents, the city of St John, NB was gifted the day this O negative blood type gal was born. Blessing humanity with her rare blood type and joyful laughter. This south paw left the coorporate world to feed the creative fire within and become LLFM's main in-house weaver and fiber dyer. As a young girl she mastered the complexities of playing the Glockenspiel, which equipped her with the abilty to preform typing with considerable speed as well as the dexterity to thread a loom swiftly.  She has a keen interest and knowledge of Tartan weaving and specializes in producing custom Tartans for families near and far.  Her Mother, Charis has become our very own sock cranker and is producing beautiful hand cranked socks for our clients. Sarah is slowly being taught the ins and outs of that fiber art also.  She is the Mother to 5 fur babies, 3 dogs, Lucy, Sally and Gracie and 2 cats, Merlin and Winston and always has an amusing story to tell involving, one, two or all of them!!

Carol Arnold was born and raised here in Sussex, New Brunswick. She has raised two sons and now plays mom to five alpaca, two dogs, one cat, and a goat named Becca. She enjoys growing her own vegetables, spinning, dyeing and knitting her own alpaca yarn which she has processed here at Legacy Lane. During the week, Carol looks after seniors and knits for herself and for our yarn and gift store. On the weekend Carol is the friendly face behind the cash register and is always willing to help with advice and expertise. 

Cookie adopted Legacy Lane in 2012. Prior to this, Cookie was a stray who lived in the neighbouring scrapyard. At that time in her life, she sported dreads and a booming population of fleas. Cookie always knew she was destined for a more luxurious life and seized her chance when the mill moved to its current location. These days Cookie is our resident chair warmer and customer greeter who shows off her soft luxurious, flea-free fur to everyone who visits. 

Keeping with the all-female staff here at Legacy Lane, Miss Kitty was adopted in 2012 as our girly superhero mouse hunter. She is also an experienced product tester who just can't resist curling up on our soft alpaca products. Ms.Kitty sings songs in the staff kitchen, looking for her daily dose of milk which Amy can't resist doling out regularly as insurance that she continues to call Legacy Lane home. In her spare time, Miss Kitty contemplates why in the world Alyson speaks to her like she's a baby.

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